Easily navigate pages on your dashboard

Easily navigate pages on your dashboard

Easily navigate pages on your dashboard - Wordpress Plugin

If like me you use Wordpress as much as a content management system then this plugin will place a widget on your dashboard that lets you navigate through your pages as though it was windows explorer.



If you want to download it then please visit the Wordpress plugin page here:
Easily Navigate Pages on your dashboard.



This is a very handy widget for your dashboard that gives one click access to your pages. Very good idea and nicely implemented.

Buzz it!

  • Gian Luigi

    I've found an error in your plugin. I've reported the correct code in a post in wordpress support

  • ezpsdart

    may be help this site for u'r next post www.ezpsdart.com

  • EJ

    Hello! I was wondering if it is possible to exclude certain pages from the list. For example, I don't want the main blog page showing up in this list because it would confuse the client.

  • Dear all, I have now updated this plugin to detect the version so it now works for version 3 + of Wordpress.

    Thanks :)

  • Will Yurman

    I'm getting a 404 error, page not found, when trying out the plugin on WP 3.2. It looks from the comments like you are not updating this anymore? But thought I'd check - it's a great idea for a plugin - would be a big timesaver for me at least :)

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